DisplayPhotoJDJack is the guy to the left staring longingly at this bio. That’s how he also looks at Oreos and potato wedges. In a former life, he used to run at giant men for a living, until injuries brought his rugby league career to a halt.

Now his body thanks him for being a Sydney-based writer, critic and journalist. He is in the final semester of a Bachelor of Media at Macquarie University, though has spent most of his degree working on two novels and several screenplays.

When he’s not writing, he’s reading books, learning French and watching The Great British Bake Off. He hopes to finish another novel later this year while sitting in a Parisian café, chain-smoking cigarettes and guzzling red wine by the carafe. Il espère aussi gagner à la loterie, ce qui est à peu près aussi probable que ce scénario.

You can contact him at jackndelaney@gmail.com and find him @jaydelwriter on Twitter.